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Manufacturers and marketers of animal identification tag systems (cattle tags) including ISO EID electronic tags, farm and veterinary equipment for animal husbandry, breeding and NAIT management


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LEADER product display banners and vet product stands that you may find in your local agricultural retailer.

                                      NOW AVAILABLENAIT Provisionally Approved ENVIRO HDX (Round) Tag from LEADER. Additional trials and monitoring will continue towards full approval in July 2014. In excess of 3 million sold into the Australian NLIS scheme with excellent retention. See ALSO the ULTIMATE in applicators, the LEADER PRO-TAGGER.


       NEW LEADER ONE PIECE          Double Maxi BIG BOSS           NEW "ORIGINAL" EID TAG

                         FOR ONE PIECE TAG APPLICATOR CONTACT  LEADER!!!!!!!  



The following articles/links provide information on the significance of electronic identification to New Zealand farming practices.



Leader All New Herd Management Tags - Bigger - Bolder - Better!


                               LEADER NAIT/AHB TAG SETS x 5                      EID JUMBO LEADERTAG - HDX


BIGGER, BOLDER & BETTER. LEADER's more dark  laser marking of its Flexible tags is available NOW due to substantal improvements in laser additives. PERMANENT for the life of the tag LEADER has enhanced the marking by making the numbers much bolder for greater visibility. With the laser marking now being darker as STANDARD even bright colours can be laser marked although for contrast laser colours are supplied by default. This is a break through for prefered permanent laser marking of tags. A bonus is that the smooth laser surface keeps the tags clean in adverse conditions. Bold laser marking is now also on Primary and Secondary NZ AHB tags. Both our and most of our competitors applicators can apply our Flexible Two Piece tags.

Hot Black Ink Foil is still available for farmers who have a preference for it for numbers. Marking with the LEADER Marking Pen is also an option.

NB: Laser marking is lowest cost and fastest delivery for flexible two piece tags. Standard impression stamping is the default  method for the "Original " Leadertags and is fastest delivery.


Farm Management tags - relative sizes

PLEASE NOTE that the Medium Size 2 FEMALE is smaller in width than the Male Medium which is 58mm. Should you wish to have both the same size ORDER a TF2 Medium match.OR contact our office for advice.

GLOSSARY:  NAIT - National Animal Identification & Traceability (NZ ID scheme using Electronic Tags); AHB - Animal Health Board; RFID - Radio Frequency Identification; EID - Electronic Identification; TOS - Tag Ordering System (AHB owned Official mandatory tag scheme); NLIS - National Livestock Identification Scheme (Australian mandatory ID scheme using Electronic Tags); HDX - Half Duplex; FDX - Full Duplex.

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